So – why radio?

Talk radio is big business and as all you BBC Radio 1 (young) or Radio 4 (urm, older) listeners will know, the top shows have audiences in the millions and provide a platform for great, topical discussion and healthy debate. Radio is a very accessible and convenient way to get information – these days you can listen in live from your laptop from wherever you are in the world, as long as you’re not fussed about the time difference.

Our radio show producer, editor and all round stitch-it-all-together man is Adrian Coen; based in Indonesia, Ade is fairly used to dealing with the time difference between there and good ole Britannia. As a teenager, and clearly one with wisdom above his year, Adrian’s dream was to be a Radio 4 radio drama producer. He now admits that, with hindsight, that would have been a bit of a mistake; in the 1970s there might have been a play or two on Radio 4 every day, but this has reduced significantly over time to one a week, with those original pieces replaced by more regular features like Woman’s Hour, Just a Minute and Thought for the Day.

In the meantime, Ade has pursued his love for sound editing and spends a lot of his time creating collages and compilations, and editing his own music. YCSS presents him with the perfect hobby; where Bill has a passion for word craft, Iain for showing off his photographic memory for names, facts and figures, Ade gets the chance to tinker around with sound clips and glue innumerate interview clips together into one seamless production. He likes nothing better than to lose himself in those twelve minute, multi-segment interview pieces, removing every trace of Iain and Bill’s questions, coughs, splutters and giggles from the background, to leave the interviewee and his choice of incidental music.

There are lots of ways to generate and publish content for your inbound marketing efforts – from the tried and tested written word of blogs like this one, to webinars, videos and eBooks, the opportunities are really endless. But if you want to cut through the noise and get relevant information out to a loyal community of listeners, perhaps a radio show is the right way to go! Listen to our weekly YCSS feature on from 8-9pm for some inspiration.

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